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  • Wild ride…

    Hi all,

    These last few weeks have been pretty crazy for Don Chow Tacos.

    Our website was giving us problems, which is why we had a temporary page up. It should be fixed, now, but that sure was an interesting experience.

    We had Guy Fiere from the Food Network film an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. That was such a great experience and Guy and the production crew are definitely awesome people. Thanks to Lisa from the T-Lofts for the nice picture.

    On Saturday 2/13, Don Chow Tacos participated in the LA Street Food Fest. That was an INTENSE day filled with non-stop crowds. We had a wonderful visit from the health inspector who decided to perform an inspection. Could they have picked a better time? At any rate, we passed and the day continued.

    Don Chow Tacos wants to wish you a very Happy Chinese New Year filled with many red envelopes! Let’s welcome in the year of the tiger with a big roar from Don Chow Tacos. We can only go up from here…