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  • Happy Halloween!!!

    Trick or treat, Don Chow’s got something for you to tweet… and win a prize! To all the ghoulish ghouls, thirsty vampires, wicked witches, ravenous zombies, and prancing Psy’s out there, we have a Don Chow Halloween costume contest. Just follow these simple steps to enter:

    1. Come to the Don Chow truck on 10-31-12 to any of our stops
    2. Take a picture of you in your Halloween getup, your food and the Don Chow truck
    3. Tweet the picture to us on twitter or send it to us on Facebook (tag us in the picture)
    4. You are submitted into the Halloween contest
    5. Winner of the Don Chow 2012 Halloween costume contest will win a prize of either a t-shirt (while sizes are available) or a food gift certificate.

    We hope to see a lot of creepy pictures! Spook you later!